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About the Brainerd area:

Brainerd, in the geographical center of Minnesota, is in the heart of the “Sky Blue Waters” and “Abundant Green Forests” for which this state is famous.

Rolling hills surround the lakes and streams and towering pines reach upward into the big sky.  The shores of the lakes and rivers range from fine white “sugar” sand to rocky cliffs.  Shiny white and silver birch trees accentuate the deep forest blues and greens.  The good earth of this region is of a wide variety, ranging from rich loam soil to the rugged ore of the iron mines.

Because the Brainerd area is dotted with more than 600 lakes, there is an abundance of wildlife and a variety of fish that make a walk in the woods or a fishing trip a minor (sometimes major) adventure.  People of the area pride themselves on maintaining this kind of environment for those who enjoy the country.  Thousands of acres of forests serve as state parks and recreation areas.

The land in this area lends itself to a wide variety of business and activities—lakes and forests for recreation and pulpwood that feeds our paper industry—farmland for agriculture, dairy and turkey farms—and the mighty Mississippi, which flows through the city, offers power, scenic beauty and backwaters for swimming, boating and other activities.

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