March 25: Student Resources for Tutoring

The following message was sent to all students at Northwest Technical College on March 25, 2020:

Dear NTC Students,

We hope you are all doing well in the midst of this chaos. We wanted to share some important information for you in regards to the Student Success Center and testing, tutoring, and your classes.

First and foremost, our goal at NTC during this time is twofold:

  1. Protect the health and safety of our students, staff, and communities
  2. Assist our students in completing their courses by the end of the semester

With that said, we will continue to provide tutoring services to all of our students via Zoom and this semester. is going to be an extremely valuable resource for our students. You can access by clicking on the tab when you login to D2L. All students have 15 hours of free use on, and if you maximize your 15 hours we can actually get you additional hours as well. Contact the Student Success Center if you need more hours.

-As a reminder, our statistics show that students who use tutoring score higher than students who do not. For example, last Spring semester, 75% of students who utilized tutoring received an A or B in their class, and 90% ended up passing their class. Tutoring works! Below is all of our NTC tutors and their contact information:

Most proctored testing will be done remotely using Zoom and on-campus classes will mostly run online. We have created tutorials regarding Zoom and the D2L Brightspace Pulse app to help you:

As always, your advisors, staff, faculty, and fellow students are a great resource and we certainly encourage teamwork and appreciate our students’ efforts to assist one another in learning, understanding, and completing these final 6 weeks of the semester. Check your email regularly for updates, and help share this information with your fellow classmates!

Other vital resources include: