March 30: Important Payroll Update For All Students with On-Campus Jobs

One of the most common questions we have heard during our response to the COVID-19 outbreak is how we intended to support students who have either lost on-campus jobs or had their number of hours working in on-campus jobs significantly reduced as a result.

The answers have been complicated and have required close collaboration with our partners at the Minnesota State system and beyond, but we now have a procedure in place for providing support and relief to students with on-campus jobs — regardless of whether wages were paid through work-study funds or regular college or university payroll.

Starting with the pay period that began on Wednesday, March 18, we will pay student workers for their normally scheduled hours for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, regardless of how much they are actually able to work. This allows our students who rely on on-campus employment to maintain access to this important source of income during this uncertain time.

Student workers will enter the number of hours they actually worked in their timecards in eTimesheets, following their usual process. From there, supervisors will have the ability to use the new supervisor screen and adjust hours to reflect the difference between hours scheduled and hours worked. Supervisors can then indicate one of three COVID-19-related reasons for the difference:

–   Job not possible

–   Sick with COVID-19

–   Caring for someone with COVID-19

Supervisors and student employees should work together to determine a code appropriate for each case.

This procedure will be in place for the duration of the spring academic semester.

Due dates for both student workers and supervisors are being extended to account for the need to learn how to use the new screens in eTimesheets. Information on these new screens, which should be available by April 2, will be coming later this week.

For this pay period: Student timesheets are due in eTimesheets by Friday, April 3; supervisors must approve timesheets by Monday, April 6.