May 7: Student messaging regarding CARES Act payments


Below is an email created as a reply to students who inquire about CARES Act funding. Please feel free to use this message when replying to students.

We are keeping it very general.  We are getting close to making the awards, and we don’t want to address individual student eligibility until after we have made awards – then we will have to start looking at students individually and research why they didn’t get it.  If we respond with this info then the student knows we are still working on it and it they fit one of the categories, they will not be eligible.

Here is the email to the students:

### START ###

Thank you for your email regarding additional funding through the CARES Act. BSU and NTC are still in the process of preparing awards for our degree-seeking students. If you are enrolled at more than one Minnesota State college or university, you will only receive CARES Act funding from your home institution (where you are seeking your degree).  Please monitor your student email account for information about the awarding of additional funds through the CARES Act.

According to federal guidelines, the following groups of students will not be eligible for funds through the CARES Act:

  • Students who were exclusively enrolled in online courses at the beginning of Spring Semester 2020
  • International students attending U.S. schools on a student visa
  • DACA Dream Act students
  • PSEO/concurrent enrollment students
  • Employees of Minnesota State using tuition waivers for themselves
  • Incarcerated students
  • Students attending with the senior citizen tuition rate

Students are encouraged to verify their mailing address and/or direct deposit information is correct by logging into their eServices account. Verify mailing address by selecting Account Management,  then choose Name and Address Info.  If your permanent address needs to be updated, call (218) 755-2020 or email the Records Office at  Direct Deposit information can be viewed and updated in eServices by selecting Financial Aid, then choose Direct Deposit Setup.

### END ###