Updating Bemidji State’s plans for our spring graduation ceremony


Dear students: On March 5th, you received an email from me sharing our initial plans for Commencement, which announced Bemidji State University’s plan to move forward with a mostly virtual graduation. As you have come to expect during this COVID-19 pandemic, I’m writing you today to inform you that our plans have again changed — […]

March 15 – Free COVID-19 Testing March 17

Welcome back, students! Let’s finish the semester strong. To do so safely we must continue considering how COVID-19 may affect our campus in the coming weeks. To mitigate the spread of the virus, a free post-break COVID-19 testing event for all interested Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College students is set for Wednesday, March […]

Mar. 2: Spring Break Preparation


Spring Break is nearly here, and traveling off campus means you may bring COVID-19 with you. You can take it with you if you have contact with someone with COVID-19 before you leave, or you could bring it back to Bemidji if you have contact with someone with COVID-19 while traveling.