COVID FAQ for Students
Are you getting COVID-related questions from students that you’re not sure how to answer? Are your COVID-related responsibilities as a member of our faculty or staff not clear? This FAQ could help. Click to download.

Accounts Payable and Purchasing

BSU/NTC Community Resource Guide

Caring for Others

Financial Resources

MN Office of Higher Education Resources for;
  • Finding Assistance
  • Financial Support
  • Student Loan Payment Assistance
  • Paying Utility Bills

Human Resources

Information Technology Services

Leadership Resources

Physical and Mental Health

Professional Development

Online/Alternative Delivery Instruction

Remote Resources

Telework and Working from Home

For more helpful information take a look at the Knowledgebase or the CEL department site.

What you need to successfully work from home

Users with laptops assigned to them should plan to use those devices at home. Users without assigned laptops should plan to use their home computers and laptops.


  • Reliable, high-speed internet.
  • Newer computer (Recommended less than 5-years-old with at least 8GB of RAM, and Windows 10)


  • Headset with microphone (It is recommended to use a headset, even at home, to help eliminate feedback and to provide better sound quality.)
  • Phone access (Having a phone is not required, but highly recommended, as a backup in case you experience technical difficulties.)

Voicemail and Email