Spring 2021 Class Questions

Which course are going to be taught in person or by alternative delivery methods?

Current guidance from the State of Minnesota says that all courses which can be offered via alternative delivery methods must be delivered that way, and we are only allowed to offer in-person courses where alternate delivery methods aren’t possible (hands-on labs, etc.). Alternate delivery methods include online or hybrid methods and are determined by each professor individually. It is recommended that you reach out to your professors for an idea of what they are planning.

How can I tell which classes will be delivered online?

This information can be found in the online course schedule and e-Services. Courses that were originally scheduled to be on-campus, but needed to change modality due to COVID-19 will have the method types of RMTL (Remote teaching with limited in-person meetings) or RMTN (Remote teaching with no in-person meetings.  Courses that were initially scheduled to be online will have the usual ONL codes.  Use the View/Modify Schedule option in e-Services to examine your classes.

What can I expect for alternative course delivery?

Alternate delivery methods include online or hybrid methods. In determining the appropriate alternative course delivery approach for each course, academic leaders work with their faculty members to explore the best options for each course.

What does hybrid mean for course delivery?

Hybrid means a class will have both in-person and online portions.

What does this mean for my non-credit instruction, internships, practica or clinicals?

Students can continue to attend internships, practica and clinical experiences if and when the learning occurs off-campus (assuming the hosting organizations remain open), and when our faculty are not directly involved in the instruction.  (For example, student teaching placements continue even when a college or university is on spring break and students are supervised on a day-to-day basis by a cooperating teacher).

Faculty who have students in those types of placements communicate directly with those affected students to discuss continuing that educational experience, which again rests on whether the hosting organization is open.

Will the academic calendar vary from what was previously published?

At this time, the academic calendar is not subject to change.

Are there online-only options for students who are high-risk?

Yes, there are courses that are completely online with delivery methods of ONL, RMTN, or HYFL (HyFlex – Course is delivered both in-person and online, you choose the method that is right for you). Students can check the delivery methods of their courses in e-Services.

What is a HyFlex Course? 

A HyFlex course is delivered both in-person and online so the student can choose the method that is right for them.  Students are able to attend completely online, in-person, or a combination of the two.  (With the new Governor’s Order and guidance received from the Chancellor’s Office, HyFlex courses will be completely on-line until February 1st.)

How will music classes be delivered?

The music staff and faculty are working hard to create a safe, workable plan that allows students to meet in person when possible. Plans are in place to meet in larger spaces and use transparent, physical barriers to allow for social distancing. Please contact your professor for course specifics.

Will professors be on campus to help students with homework?

While some professors will be on campus, others will be working remotely. Students are encouraged to reach out to professors if they are in need of help.

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