Employee Questions

Will there be any changes to our pay?

No changes to your pay.  For those in temporary assignments or in fixed term assignments – no assignments will end early or be reduced.

What can I take from my office to work at home more effectively?

In addition to the IT items that have already been approved, the following items are pre-approved to take for your work at home:

  • One office chair
  • Footstool or similar item
  • Small office supplies such as stapler, three-hole punch, etc.

Please email your supervisor with a list of the non-IT items you would like to bring home. If the item is in the pre-approved list, then you may take it right away (after listing it in the email to the supervisor). If you have items you’d like to take home that are not on the list, please check with your supervisor for approval.

How can I access my voicemail from home?

You can easily get your voicemail from home or sent to your email:

  • Send an email to helpdesk@bemidjistate.edu, ask to have voicemail-to-email set up and include your office phone number. Each time you receive a voicemail, you will also receive an email with an MP3 version of your voicemail included as an attachment.
  • Call your office phone number from any other phone, and when you hear your voice for your voicemail greeting, press * (star). You can now check your voicemail or perform any other tasks in the same way you would at your desk.

How can IT help me work from home?

Currently, they have:

  • …shifted employees with the skills to provide IT support to the HelpDesk to increase responsiveness to campus support needs.
  • …prepared online training that can be done using a remote connection.
  • …ordered headsets for newly remote employees to use during audio or video conferencing or other online instructional methods.

Where can I find resources for switching to online instruction?


How do update my personal and emergency information?

Please read all instructions for proper entry of contact information. 

Please update your contact information including personal email address, personal phone numbers and emergency contacts.

We want to ensure employee information is easily accessible to supervisors.  We also want to ensure we have up to date information in case of emergency.

Please follow the instructions below to update personal and emergency contact information in Employee Home instead of the State of Minnesota Self Service Portal.  This will help your supervisors have easy access to your information.

How to update your contact information in Employee Home:

  • Log into “My BSU” or “My NTC”
  • Select “Employee Home” from drop down in top left corner where your last name appears
  • In the main dashboard area, Click on  “My Profile” and select “Contact Information” to update any personal information including home phone number or cell phone number.
What are good resources for online learning?

If you were not able to attend Beth Jensen’s D2L online workshops, the recordings are now on the eLearning website here.

Training Session Recordings and Bonus Features

In addition, the Online Learning Consortium has two workshops that you may be interested in viewing or attending:

Keeping Students Engaged in a Transition to Online Learning was offered recently, and the recording is available online here.

Should I change my voicemail or have an auto response on my email?

Communications & Marketing is providing suggested messages for your email autoresponders or voicemail messages to help you communicate these changes to your customers and clients. Use of these will be optional, but they’re being provided to give you one less thing to think about during what will likely be a very busy and stressful day for all of us.

Sample voicemail response
Currently, the [BSU] & [NTC] [your office/department] is working remotely. You can expect a response to your message within 24 hours. We are prioritizing our responses based on urgency of each situation.

If you are calling with regard to [BSU] & [NTC]’s response to the Coronavirus, please visit our website at bemidjistate dot edu slash coronavirus for the latest information.

Sample auto email response
Currently, the [BSU] & [NTC] [your office/department] is working remotely. If you have received this message, I have received your email. You can expect a response within 24 hours. Responses may be prioritized based on the urgency of your request.

If you are a BSU or NTC student, please check your school email account frequently for updates on this situation. Information for students, employees and the public is available at bemidjistate.edu/coronavirus.

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