Dr Christine Nguyen-Moen

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Adjunct Instructor

Office/Department: Nursing

Email: christine.nguyen-moen@bemidjistate.edu

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The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.
– Vince Lombardi

Dr. Nguyen-Moen was born and raised in Vietnam. She came to the United States at 17 without speaking one word of English and no possessions. She began learning English by watching television shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Her dream was to become a nurse who could make a difference and give back to the community. Dr. Nguyen-Moen was determined to pursue her dreams and follow her passion in nursing education. She first obtained her ADN from Houston Community College in Houston, Texas. She then received her BSN and MSN from Texas Woman’s University and finally a DNP degree from University of Texas. Dr. Nguyen-Moen has extensive clinical experience as an oncology nurse and a Family Nurse Practitioner. She held an Adjunct nursing faculty position at Texas Woman’s University and was a clinical director in the private sector.

Education has been a constant thread throughout Dr. Nguyen-Moen’s career. Her passion for education has carried over into her commitment to volunteerism and teaching. Dr. Nguyen-Moen believes that learning is a lifelong journey. Learning is a marathon not a sprint. To achieve successful learning one must be willing to make changes, have the right mind set and true grit.

Dr. Nguyen-Moen integrates this powerful true grit concept into two learning models for developing her teaching philosophy. The two models are: transformative learning and student-centered learning. The two combined learning models emphasize the importance of teaching strategies and students’ learning styles that have a positive impact on learning outcomes.

As a nursing professor and family nurse practitioner, her priority is the students’ success. Dr. Nguyen-Moen believes what she is teaching is not as nearly important as what students are learning. One of the best ways to teach is not only to educate the minds of our youths, but also to educate their hearts as well. Dr. Nguyen-Moen has created nine Essential Values that serve as a framework for develop teaching strategies including: Dream, Commitment, Respect, Participation, Reflection/Critical Thinking, Mindfulness, Connection, Shared Knowledge and Give Back. She focuses on effective conveyance of accurate information, implementing innovative communication techniques, promoting collaboration with critical reflection and empowering students to be lifelong learners, all leading to a student’s success. One of her passions is collaborating with faculty and members of other colleges worldwide to raise global awareness and provide opportunities to dialogue about global health issues. Her dream is to establish “The advance global nursing education to advance global health” program in the near future.

Besides teaching responsibilities, Dr. Nguyen-Moen has a strong commitment to giving back to the community and the nursing profession. For the past eight years Dr. Nguyen-Moen has been on the planning committee and has served as a Vice President for the Houston area Vietnam-American Nurses Association and a is big fund raiser for the MS-150 organization and local charities. She and her husband established the C & M Moen scholarship for nursing students. She loves outdoor activities including traveling, hiking, jogging, biking, swimming and kayaking.