Dr. Nancy Hall

Photo of Dr. Nancy Hall


Office/Department: Nursing, Department of

Location: Bensen Hall 109 Q

Phone: (218) 755-3869

Box #: 15

Email: nancy.hall@bemidjistate.edu


Nancy holds a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from Winona State University and a Master of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Minnesota. She has enjoyed a variety of nursing roles including education, leadership, clinical specialty, and staff nurse roles. She began her career as a staff nurse on an acute care medical/oncology unit. She coordinated a nurse internship program for newly graduated RN staff and participated in other staff development activities before returning to practice in an inpatient hospice unit. A stint as a home care nurse followed, before Nancy accepted a position as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Hospice/Oncology. She moved on to manage the inpatient unit including these specialties as well as medical patients. She continued as a manager, moving into a rural setting as manager of the inpatient areas of an acute care hospital. Most recently, Nancy has taught theory, lab, and clinical nursing courses in ADN and BSN programs. Areas of clinical specialty have included oncology, hospice, and rural health.