Dr. Janice Haworth

Photo of Dr. Janice Haworth


Office/Department: Music, Department of

Location: Bangsberg Hall 369

Phone: (218) 755-3361

Box #: 16

Email: janice.haworth@bemidjistate.edu


Dr. Janice Haworth joined the Bemidji State University music faculty in 2000.  Her focus is Music Education with an emphasis in General music and Elementary music education.  She has degrees from Carson-Newman University (Music Education and Church Music), the University of Tennessee (Choral Conducting) and the University of Florida (Music Education).

From 2010-2012 Dr. Haworth was a Fulbright Scholar in Dubrèka, Guinea where she taught at the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Guinée and developed a circular notation system using bottle caps to notate the traditional rhythms of Guinea.

At Bemidji State University she teaches Music Education courses, World Music, Music Theory, Introduction to Music and is a supervisor for Student Teachers.

Her interests include music notation, West African drums, year-round education, all forms of recorders and ocarinas, and scooter riding.