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Margaret Lubke

Dr. Margaret Lubke Associate Professor


Margaret Lubke’s areas of expertise include special education, education leadership, accreditation, due process monitoring, research and program evaluation. She obtained her Ph.D. from Utah State University where she served as the Principle Investigator for multiple federal and state research and evaluation projects. She taught students with a variety of disabilities in Wisconsin and in Utah in grades K-12. Her focus is on students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, those with Autism and those with Developmental Cognitive Delays. She authored one text, Effective Teaching: Research into Practice and maintains an active research and implementation focus on Effective Teaching. She has served as the Director of Accreditation in Professional Education .50 FTE since the summer of 2019. Her current research interest area is Trauma and students with disabilities.


SPED 5105 Professional Practice
SPED 5106 Professional Practice II
SPED 5600 Study of the Learners with Special Needs
SPED 5630 Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities
SPED 6630 Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities II
SPED 5650 Collaboration
SPED 5715 Curriculum Techniques
SPED 6930 Advanced Strategies