Dr. Afsoon Moatari Kazerouni

Assistant Professor of Geology

Office/Department: Environmental Studies

Location: Sattgast Hall 102

Phone: (218) 755-2477

Box #: 27

Email: afsoon.moatarikazerouni@bemidjistate.edu

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Afsoon Kazerouni is affiliated to Geology Department at the Center for Sustainability Studies. She received her PhD in Geology from Aarhus University in Denmark (Research title: Petrography and diagenesis of Palaeocene-Eocene sandstones in the Siri Canyon, Danish North Sea). She has carried out post-doctorate fellowships at Texas Tech University (USA), Palacký University (Czech Republic), and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). She worked as a faculty a Faculty member, Instructor and supervisor at Rhodes university (South Africa).

Her academic experience has led to several revolutionary research projects on adoption of methods for implications of illite/smectite formation and potassium transfer during burial diagenesis in clastic sediments Controls on the genesis of illite and Iron-rich glauconite as well as ‘Burial diagenetic processes of clay mineral and non-clay mineral, quartz cementation and dissolution in sandstones and mudstones.


Course in fall 2019: Physical Geology, People of Environment, Glacial/ Pleistocene Geology, Physical Geology.

Courses in  Spring 2020: Historical Geology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Topics in Paleontology.

Research Interests

-Environmental geochemistry and the coupling of geology and geochemistry in sandstones.

-Sedimentology and diagenesis.