Dr. Jeanine McDermott

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Associate Professor

Office/Department: Nursing, Department of

Location: Bensen Hall 109 J

Phone: (218) 755-2524

Box #: 35

Email: jeanine.mcdermott@bemidjistate.edu


I have lived the ‘life-long learning’ experience.  In my first life (I refer to BC, i.e. before children), I began my college education in business.  I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington.  I worked in the business world as I went to school.  However, I utilized my business administration knowledge the most by combining my youthful passion for dance and gymnastics with my education.  I created and managed my dance, gymnastics, and fitness ‘gym’ for 10+ years in Seattle, Washington.

My husband wanted to realize one of his life dreams, so we packed up our two children, along with our

Belongings, and moved to northern Minnesota to ‘raise kids and beef cows’.  The dream became a reality but finances never really worked out with the cows.  I returned to school.  This time was to pursue nursing.  I first earned my LPN diploma, then immediately completed my Associate Degree for my RN license.  At a slightly slower pace I completed my BS in nursing.  I completed all of my undergraduate nursing training in Bemidji, Minnesota.  By this time I had worked as a nurse on the Red Lake Indian Reservation for 6 years.  I continued to expand my nursing leadership experiences at Red Lake as I advanced into nursing management.  I worked another 6 years as a nurse manager.

In 2002 I returned to school again.  This time my focus was on obtaining a Masters in Nursing Administration at the University of North Dakota.  As I was completing the requirements for this degree, in 2003, I was accepted into UND’s first class of their PhD in Nursing.  In 2008 I graduated from UND with my Doctorate in Nursing.  My emphasis of study was nursing research and nursing education.  In 2004 I changed my career path.  I began teaching in the Practical Nursing program at Northland Community and Technical College.

I am excited to embark a new leg of my journey in life-long learning by joining the Bemidji State University nursing faculty as of August, 2012.  I am looking forward to expanding my higher education teaching experiences, as well as investing in scholarly activities.

My primary area of research has focused on describing the perceived multi-dimensional wellness of adolescents transitioning to adulthood.  My doctoral dissertation was titled:  Explicating Global Wellbeing in College Students Using Health Risk Behaviors and Adjustment to College.  This research utilized multivariate regression analysis.  This process identified that depressive symptoms and anxiety explained 23% of 18-24 year old college students’ variance in their perceived sense of multi-dimensional wellbeing.

On a personal note, my two children are grown, graduated from college, married, employed, and homeowners.  I think my husband (of 37 years) and I have definitely entered the AC (i.e. after children) phase of our lives.  So far we have kept so busy that I have not had time to consider whether our empty nest is good or bad.  However, I do think I am very ready to be the grandma who spoils the little ones and then sends them back home to mommy and daddy.  We don’t have any more cows or horses; but we do have 3 dogs, 6 birds, and too many fish and plants to count.