Bemidji State University


December 6, 2004 4:00 PM: The BSU Faculty Senate meeting was called to order by D. Larkin.


Members present:  M. Schmit, D. Maglajlic, R. Witt, E. Dunn, T. Fauchald, C. Milowski, P. Rosenbrock, A. Henry, M.Wolf, R. Weaver, S. McConnell, B. Donovan, R. Lee, C. Kippenham, K. Meyer, S. Hauser, D. Webb, P. Welle, S. Bland, C. Nielsen, R. Oldham, MA Papenek-Miller, D. Bilanovic, E. Hoffman, R. Koch, P. Donnay, Keith Marek, D. Larkin, J. Brouwer


Absent:  S. Young, B. McManus, S. Gritzmacher, J. Haworth, V. Boudry, C. Brown


Larkin presented the meeting minutes from 11-1 and 11-8 for approval.

Kippenham pointed out that page 2 of 11-8 minutes indicates two motions but just one vote.  It was explained that one of the two motions was out of order, so just one motion was voted on.

C. Milowski moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Webb.

The motion carried.


Student senate president Julie Gronquist presented a report.

The student senate will now receive curriculum reports on a regular basis.

Student fees are nearly capped in every area. Budget reserves are almost gone. The student senate is looking at creating another fee, an athletic fee, and lowering the existing student life fee a bit.

Student senate is also discussing a smoking ban in residential halls.

Gronquist asked faculty senators serving on university committees to make sure students are also serving on each committee.

The student union advisory board is setting goals to make the union more student-friendly.

End of Gronquist’s report.


The senate recognized Tim Salm, BSU Marketing Webmaster.  Salm reported on his activities and asked for faculty input and feedback. Salm then left the meeting.

Discussion followed.

Sen. G. Richgels  of the ACC committee praised Salm’s progress and said the committee has set two goals.  First, to move the Marketing Webmaster position directly under the new CIO position. Second, to make the Webmaster position more responsive to all the university’s needs, not just its external advertising.

ACC committee member M. Morgan presented a report on who uses BSU’s Web Page and asked faculty to let the committee know of our on-campus needs.  R. Witt said this topic is on the next Meet & Confer agenda and asked what the Senate would like to do about it.  Discussion followed.

R. Witt moved that the Executive Committee be directed to present this issue to Pres. Quistgaard and to set up a meeting with him for those who are affected.  Motion carried.

Discussion followed about who should represent us at that meeting.  R. Witt moved that members of the Executive Committee, ACC Committee, and other interested faculty meet with Pres. Quistgaard.  Motion carried.


AIT committee member John Truedson presented his committee’s report on its recent downstate meeting.  The focus was on the high cost of individual campus software licenses, for example, the Mathematica software program.  The committee learned that less costly system-wide licenses are available.  The AIT committee recommended this move to system-wide licenses and asks for faculty suggestions for other software program licenses.  The next AIT meeting is Feb. 4, 2005.


D. Larkin called for the Curriculum committee report.  Packets had been distributed to faculty.  R. Lee moved to separate the graduate curriculum report from the undergraduate. D. Webb seconded, and the motion carried.

C. Kippenham of the Graduate committee reported that the committee recommends approval of a new program in Math and a program modification in Sports Studies. C. Kippenham moved the Senate’s approval.  Motion carried.


Larkin handed out a Nov. 30, 2004 Memo to IFO president Nancy Black from Manuel Lopez and Chris Roberts, “The Case for the Minnesota State Universities.”  The memo asks the state university faculty senate presidents to help in justifying our existence.  Larkin asked if the faculty wished to participate in this information gathering and, if so, how.  Discussion followed.  Some suggestions were to use departmental newsletters, summary reports from college deans, and university newsletters.  Larkin will accept our information for his Dec. 9 meeting downstate.  He will pursue this matter.


Officers’ Reports.

Milowski:  In reviewing the Executive Board calendar plans for all the state universities, she noted large discrepancies and different formulas for contact hours.  She will distribute this document to us.

T. Fauchald:  Budget forums with VP Maki and Pres. Quistgaard will be held Dec. 9 at 7:30 AM in Bgsbg 209 and at 3:00 PM in EA 115.


New Business

E. Dunn noted that Academic Affairs Planning Committee needs a representative from the Lib. Ed. Committee.  Lib. Ed, committee chair B. Donovan has been attending but not voting.

How do we change the representation to include a voting Lib. Ed. Member?  Fauchald moved and Donovan seconded that Academic Affairs give up one slot to Lib. Ed.  Discussion followed.  Motion withdrawn. 


5:15 PM  Wolf moved and Fauchald seconded to extend the meeting for five minutes.

Motion carried.


Fauchald moved and Wolf seconded that a member of the Academic Affairs Planning committee be invited to attend the next Senate meeting to discuss this substitution.

Motion carried.


Next meeting will be held January 10, 2005.


5:20 PM  Meeting adjourned.


Rosalie Weaver, Recorder