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Learn about Turnitin (Anti-Plagiarism Website)

Please contact the CPD office at 755-3984, or for the BSU institutional license ID# & password.

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Teaching Centers on Other U.S. Campuses

Teaching Centers on Campuses Worldwide

Other useful sites

  • Peterson's Education Center (Provides information, links to undergrad and graduate schools, more)
  • Survival/Success Guide for Knox Faculty (Collective work of faculty that provides suggestions for life in the academy and peer advice on matters common to many people's experience)
  • The University of Texas at Austin (Center for Teaching Effectiveness - Teaching and Learning Resources) Improving Educational Practices; Teaching a University Course; Connecting with Other Educators)
  • The National Teaching and Learning Forum - A print and electronic publication that offers ongoing discourse on current topics in teaching and learning. This has been a resource to faculty and teaching professionals over the past 15 years, and much of the website is open and available free to visitors, including the library of materials on teaching and learning topics, the ancillary materials accompanying past issues of the publication, as well as a featured article selected from each of the publications.