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Self-Study Goals

During our self-study process, we aspire to:

  1. achieve full continuing accreditation.
  2. breathe life into the new vision and mission statements for the campus while continuing to emphasize our signature themes.
  3. generate discussion of and commitment to common values identified in our campus planning documents, including:
    1. viewing higher education as a public good.
    2. commitment to a learning-centered environment in the context of academic integrity.
    3. encouraging creativity and innovation in pursuit of learning.
    4. meeting the particular needs of our diverse student population.
    5. maintaining mutually supportive relationships with our various communities.
  4. advance the university community's access to pertinent data.
  5. analyze  the assessment and planning structures and processes in order to advance the institutional goal of continuous improvement.
  6. identify priorities for improvement.
  7. promote the celebration of meaningful achievement.