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Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

The organization promotes a life a learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.

  • Core Component 4A - The organization demonstrates, through the actions of its board, administrators, students, faculty, and staff, that it values a life of learning.
  • Core Component 4B - The organization demonstrates that acquisition of a breadth of knowledge and skills and the exercise of intellectual inquiry are integral to its educational programs.
  • Core Component 4C - The organization assesses the usefulness of its curricula to students who will live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society.
  • Core Component 4D - The organization provides support to ensure that faculty, students, and staff acquire, discover, and apply knowledge responsibly. 

Supporting Documents

In support of this criterion, the Bemidji State University Self-Study references these documents.

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