Campus Posting Policy

Campus Posting Policy

Any Bemidji State University division, department, office, academic unit, program, center, faculty, staff, enrolled student or registered student organization may publicly post on university property in designated areas consistent with the terms described below. Any Non-BSU entity is eligible to post materials as described in three (3) below. The BSU Posting Policy has been adopted for the purposes of supporting an educational campus environment and culture, providing information and campus notices, promoting curricular and co-curricular activities, creating an attractive campus appearance, and cultivating sustainability.


1. Certain bulletin boards are reserved for the specific use of specific departments or organizations. The presence of a sign with the name of the department or organization indicates that neither the general public nor outside groups/persons may place materials on those boards.

2. For all bulletin boards other than those reserved for specific departments or organizations, materials may be posted according to the following provisions.

  • a. All posters, notices, etc. must carry the name of the department/organization and contact information.
  • b. Posters, notices, etc. for all academic, administrative and Student Union buildings must be approved for posting at the Hobson Memorial Union (HMU) Information Desk.
  • c. Posters, notices, etc. for residence halls must be approved by the Department of Residential Life Office, Walnut Hall.
  • d. HMU will collect five (5) copies. Three (3) copies will be posted within the Union and the Library corridor for a two week period. One (1) copy will be forwarded to BSU Marketing and one (1) copy will be forwarded to Northwest Technical College.
  • e. The Department of Residential Life Office will accept and post one poster per residence hall and seven (7) for Walnut Hall, or one poster per floor in the residence halls if the event is sponsored by a registered BSU student organization.
  • f. Sixteen (16) posters may also be placed in the other administrative and academic buildings. Posters are limited to approved bulletin boards only and must be stamped for approval to post at the HMU Information Desk. A list of these boards is available at the HMU Information Desk.
  • g. All posters, notices, etc. which are not approved for posting will be removed.
  • h. Each department/organization is responsible for taking down its posters,
    notices, etc. in the academic and administrative buildings after the event is held.
  • i. Posters, notices, etc. may not exceed 14″ by 22″. If the posting, notice, etc. is for a fundraiser for a registered student organization, the student organization must submit a Fundraising Application Form through its Beaver Link Account and receive approval from the HMU Associate Director before the posters may be posted.
  • j. Posters that advertise or promote the sale or consumption of alcohol will not be approved.
  • k. Banners may be posted in the lower HMU, Library tunnel, and Walnut Hall. Banners should be no more than five (5) feet long and three (3) feet wide. Banners should be brought to the HMU Information Desk and Department of Residential Life Office for approval and hanging.
  • l. For student organizations, material designated solely for use on campus may be developed by the student organization. However, posters, flyers, and other forms of publicity designed for the general public must be processed through the Communications and Marketing Office (Deputy 312).

3. Personal notices may be hung on bulletin boards in the following places: one (1) on the board in the Library hallway, and one (1) in the lower union near Affinity Plus Credit Union. Individuals not associated with the University may, upon the approval of the HMU Director, post information within HMU by contacting the staff at the HMU Information Desk. The HMU is
designated as the primary location for the posting of non-University information. For the Department of Residential Life, if the event is sponsored by an outside organization, one poster per residence hall and one in Walnut Hall may be posted.

4. No materials of any sort may be attached to the outside of buildings, doors, or windows. No materials may be attached to trees or benches or trash receptacles. No material is allowed to be posted on cars in University lots. Portable announcement boards on campus are prohibited. Requests for exceptions to these restrictions should be directed to the HMU Director, in
consultation with facilities staff as appropriate.

5. All posters, notices, etc. must contain the name of the sponsoring organization/department and the following American Disabilities Act (ADA) tagline: “If you need an accommodation for this program/event, please contact Accessibility Services  (Decker Hall 202) at (218) 755-3883. If an interpreter is needed, two weeks is requested.”