Political Activity Policy

Policy Statement

Bemidji State University policy encourages free inquiry into and free expression of ideas.Conversely, individual rights and effective operation of public facilities must to be protected and maintained. Therefore, political activity, as defined below, is permitted on campus subject to reasonable regulation of time, place and manner. No individual or group following reasonable regulations of such activity will be denied access to University facilities.

Scope and Purpose of Policy

The scope of this policy applies to all who seek to use university space for political activity. The purpose of this policy is to encourage the use of available public areas in university facilities for political activity. These activities must be scheduled with the appropriate director of the building or area involved.


Political activity means action by a person or persons promoting the candidacy of an individual or group of individuals or favoring a particular position on a public issue. Such activity may include but is not limited to:

a) Distribution of political literature including handbills, cards, buttons and pamphlets;
b) Requests to sign petitions;
c) Discussions of candidates or issues.

Applicable procedures include:
  • 1. Political activity is not permitted in classrooms, laboratories, research space or offices, except as a part of a scheduled class activity under the direction of a faculty member responsible for the class.
  • 2. Political activity is restricted in living areas within the residence halls except as allowed by the Fair Campaign Practices Act which allows candidates for political office to canvass on a door-to-door basis.
  • 3. No political literature will be distributed in the residence halls through the student mailboxes unless each piece is addressed specifically to the name of the individual or to “occupant”. The room number must also be included in the address.
  • 4. Individuals or groups engaged in political activity located in such a way as to impede the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic will be asked and required to move to another location.
  • 5. No person or group shall have the right to place political signs, posters, banners or similar material on or in University property. Political student organizations which are recognized under the appropriate University regulations may post signs announcing meetings of the organization.
  • 6. Signs may be placed upon motor vehicles owned and/or operated by persons placing the signs thereon. However, such vehicles must be operated and parked in accordance with University traffic regulations.
  • 7. The use of sound trucks or other sound amplification equipment is prohibited on University property except when special permission has been given in accordance with University policy and guidelines for a scheduled event.