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eLearning Support Resources site in D2L Brightspace

What is on the eLearning Support Resources site?

  1. Information about eLearning Support staff (who we are and what we do)
  2. Information about Brightspace
  3. Resources for getting started (including links to the Brightspace Guides & Tutorials
  4. Resources for teaching with Brightspace (forms & links)
  5. Tips for using Brightspace
  6. Training information

How do I access the resources?

  1. Log into Brightspace (for help, see Brightspace Login Instructions)
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. Click on the link to the site

How do I enroll in the site?

If you do not see the eLearning Support Resources site on your Student tab, you can use the Self Registration feature to enroll yourself.  The link is located on the Brightspace My Home page (on the dark blue bar at the top). For further help, see Self-Registration Instructions. If you prefer, you can contact Julie Adams or Beth Jensen and ask us to enroll you in the site.