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Computer Labs - Classroom Policies

Classroom Scheduling Policies

An instructor wishing to use a Library 122 classroom must first reserve the classroom with the Melissa Arneson  at x3777.

Please first check the availability of the classrooms by visiting this link

It is recommended that anyone who will be teaching a class in the Library 122 classroom should come to the classroom in advance of the actual class and login to the instructor station. This will allow the instructor to become acquainted with the classroom computers as well as to have the opportunity to test the application that will be used in the class to ensure the application is working properly.

Please contact Melissa Arneson if you have scheduled a class time, but will not be using the classroom. This will allow others to use the room.

 Out of respect to other library users, the doors to L122 and L327 should be closed while your class is in session.  This is especially important in L122 as we are seeing more users on the first floor with the addition of new computers. Additionally, please do not conduct class lectures in public areas.

The study rooms in the library cannot be reserved, but there are many of them located throughout the library on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors.

There is equipment that is available only in the first floor study rooms and our policy has been to give priority to patrons who need to use that equipment.

Library users are welcome to bring beverages into the library in non-spillable containers, but food is not allowed in the building.  Neither food nor drink is allowed in L122.

The non-computer classroom  L327 can be reserved on a limited basis through William Shaman (