Library Seeking Feedback on New Search

Though as yet unnamed and still in development, the Library is test-driving a new search, and we would love to hear comments and feedback from the University community. The search will display results from the library catalog (books, DVDs, etc.) in one “channel” on the page, and results from a large percentage of our journal and other electronic holdings in the other “channel”. Both “channels” can be expanded to view one or the other type of result:

Please note that not all of the Library’s holdings are searchable through the interface (though a good percentage is). The tool is intended for quick searching for the novice user, when he or she needs to see a selection of what the library has on a certain topic. Searchers looking for a specific article, journal, or book should use the tools on the library home page.

Also, please note that the library catalog portion of the search does NOT display current availability and other data during this test period, but will when the live search is implemented.

Let us know what you think by sending your responses via the Ask A Question form. We value your input!


A. C. Clark Library