Community Computer Use Policy

The A. C. Clark Library extends limited borrowing and computing privileges to residents of the Bemidji area, post-secondary students and staff, and other visitors to BSU.

Adopted May 2010; Revised April 2021

  • The A. C. Clark Library at Bemidji State University is a public facility with an educational, research, and service mission.   Consistent with this mission and Bemidji State University’s mission, the Library extends privileges to community users, namely, post-secondary students and staff, residents of the Bemidji area, and other visitors to BSU. 
  • Computer access for community users is available on a limited number of specific computer stations, identified and referred to as being “community use,” within the A. C. Clark Library building.  
  • Community users may use a community computer station once per day for up to two hours. 
  • Printing should be limited to items that support educational and research-related activities. 
  • Persons over the age of 15 may use the A. C. Clark Library community accessible computers unattended by an adult. 
  • Persons under the age of 15 who wish to use a community accessible computer must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible adult 18 years or older.