Delivery Service

During the Library’s COVID-19 closure, all patrons are considered distance patrons. Check out the following Distance Delivery site to request delivery of BSU Library materials at this time.

The BSU Library will deliver materials to distance learners (students who are currently registered for BSU courses and current BSU faculty) who reside 30 or more miles from campus or who need delivery because of permanent or temporary disability.

Electronic items (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) are delivered through email to distance learners. Physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) are delivered via USPS at the BSU Library’s expense and returned to the BSU Library at the expense of the distance learner. Mailed items can take up to two weeks for delivery. All interlibrary loan overdue policies apply for returnable items.


To apply for this service, please send a completed application form to the BSU Interlibrary Loan Office. The application requires your BSU Tech ID and your BSU Student ID barcode number. If you do not know your BSU Tech ID, you can call BSU Records at 218-755-2020 to retrieve it. Your BSU Student ID contains your barcode number. If you do not have a Student ID, contact Extended Learning at 218-755-2068 to request one. After submission, interlibrary loan staff will review your application and contact you when your application has been approved.

Requesting Materials

Materials not owned by BSU

Request electronic and physical materials following the regular interlibrary loan process.


Materials owned by BSU

Locally owned materials are mailed to distance students who sign up for delivery services. Email item information (title, author/editor, edition, ISBN) and your BSU Student ID barcode number to to initiate a request. Alternatively, request locally owned materials using the Blank Form (linked below). Digitization requests for physically owned journal articles and book chapters can also be made using email or the Blank Form. To use the Blank Form you will be required to log into your library card account with your StarID username and password.

Return Mailing

Please return your material in its original packing, according to the return directions enclosed with your item. Insurance and delivery confirmation, or a tracked delivery system, are recommended for all returns, as the distance learner is responsible for the return of the item to the BSU Library. (Mailing label, if needed.)

Contact Interlibrary Loan

Telephone: (218) 755-3339


When classes are in session during the academic year, the Interlibrary Loan Office is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. During summer sessions, the Interlibrary Loan Office is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Exceptions to these times are noted in the Library’s hours.