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Creating Persistent Links to Articles in the Library's Online Resources

  • What are Persistent Links?

  • Persistent Links are URL's (web addresses) that are consistent and do not change over time. Links to articles in library resources often change at the moment you access them, so having a web address that does not change is really useful.

  • Why create them?

  • You can post persistent links to articles anywhere you would a normal, everyday link. For example, you can post links to a Learning Management System (LMS), in a Word document, or any place you would like to share the article with students.

    Please note: Many of the library's electronic resources are subscription services, and so fall under copyright restrictions and license agreements. Thus only authorized users, such as BSU students, faculty, and staff, will be able to access the content through persistent links.

    Tip: Students will be asked to enter their library barcode number (the 14-digit number that starts with 20105...) and password (usually last name) to access the resource. They can also log in with their starID (without the and starID password.

  • How do I create Persistent Links?

  • Follow the simple steps below. Creating the links in EBSCO and ProQuest databases (#1) is easy. For other databases, follow the steps in (#2).

    #1 - Creating a Persistent Link in EBSCO and ProQuest Databases
    Online resources from EBSCO(such as Academic Search Premier) and ProQuest databases create the persistent link in the correct form. All you need to do is copy the link provided on the article's citation page within the resource!
    • Tip: Look for a link on the citation page that begins with
    #2 - Creating a Persistent Link in Other Library Resources

    Try the Persistent Link Converter below!

    It will automatically create the correct link by pasting a string of text to the beginning of the "persistent link" you provide from the resource.
    Note: this bit of text sends the user through the library's "proxy server", which checks that the person is an authorized user of the resource.

    Persistent Links Converter

    Paste (or type) the article's Persistent Link:
    Converted Link

    Or, Follow these steps to create the link manually:
    • 1) Copy the "persistent link" from the database. Many (but not all) subscription electronic resources will have persistent or stable URLs, but the terminology varies.
    • 2) Paste the link into your document or D2L
    • 3) Copy the following string for the library's "proxy server":
    • 4) Paste the text to the beginning of the URL/link from the resource
      • For example:



        to create:
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