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Library Instruction
Library Instruction

The A.C. Clark Library offers library and information literacy instruction, covering content and procedure, for on-campus students, distance learners, staff, faculty, and the community.

Consistent with the A.C. Clark Library’s mission, the goal of the Library and Information Literacy Instruction Program, broadly, is to teach patrons how to find and how to use information.

Some examples of potential library and information literacy instruction sessions are listed below. This list is not comprehensive and sometimes two or more topics can be covered in a session. Please contact Research and Instruction Services Librarian Patrick Leeport if you would like to know more or discuss how the library instruction program can serve you.

  • Physical tours of A.C. Clark Library
  • Introduction to the library catalog and locating materials held at the library
  • Introduction to online resources and locating scholarly articles
  • In-depth instruction on specific library databases or disciplines
  • Identifying scholarly articles
  • Evaluating information sources
  • Narrowing/broadening topics
  • Finding reputable news sources
  • Locating pro/con arguments
  • Finding and using polling and statistical information
  • Advance use of specific library collections such as:
    • Government documents, children’s/juvenile fiction and non-fiction, special collections, and print reference.

*Instruction relating to the University Archives is also available. Contact Colleen Deel for information.


Any requests for library instruction can be sent to the Research and Instruction Services Librarian, Patrick Leeport. If the library instruction session is discipline specific faculty are welcome to contact their departmental library liaison directly.

Library instruction must be arranged by appointment. Scheduling is based on a first come, first served basis. Advanced scheduling is greatly appreciated.

There is a classroom dedicated to library instruction (L327), however the location is flexible depending on the content of the session.