Feedback sought on civility/anti-bullying workshops

During spring startup you may have participated in one of the anti-bullying/workplace civility workshops led by Ms. Fran Sepler. Deb Peterson, assistant to the president for affirmative action and accreditation, is seeking your feedback on the workshop and asks that you take a few minutes to complete a 10-question survey.

In a thank-you message to the campus for the more than 100 employees who participated in the sessions, President Hanson said the workshops were well-received.

“We want to assure you that Bemidji State University is committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace and we view this workshop as an important step as we work toward that ultimate goal,” he said.

While those who attended the spring startup workshops are encouraged to complete the survey, it is not required. Responses are anonymous; you will not be asked for your name and your responses cannot be associated with you as an individual.

Contact Deb Peterson for additional information at 4121 or