We Will Be Open Fall 2021: Enroll Today!

The iconic Bemidji State archway

The iconic Bemidji State archway

You are almost certainly curious to learn what Bemidji State University is planning for the fall of 2021. First and most importantly, our primary approach is to plan to hold a majority of our courses on-campus and in-person. This will, of course, be complemented with a backup plan for remote course delivery if COVID conditions dictate that action.

You will see our intended course delivery methods when you view fall-semester course sections in eServices or the class schedule. Our courses will be delivered through four methods: in-person, hybrid, online, and HyFlex.

If a course has a backup delivery method, it will be listed in the “notes” for each course. You can see the course notes by selecting (clicking) the course title while in the eServices “search for a course” function. Some courses will not have a backup, as these courses must be delivered on-campus and in person. Current examples are certain lab courses and music courses.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding these delivery options, you are welcome to reach out to your academic advisor or you can also contact the Advising Success Center by calling (218) 755-2038 or emailing advising@bemidjistate.edu.

As a residential campus with a long history of vibrant student life, we are also planning to resume those experiences in normal ways, including offering all residence hall room options, student activities, campus dining, athletic and music events and so much more. We are all ready to offer these meaningful learning and developmental opportunities again, so long as conditions allow.

We are looking forward to moving closer to our “normal” operations, and we are excited to offer far more in-person courses and activities on campus this fall.

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