Important Dates for Summer

Note there are many class dates for summer term.  Students have the first 5 days of summer term (5/16/22-5/20/22) to drop courses without charge.  Students have the following 5 business days (until 5/27/22) to completely withdraw from the term to receive a 50% reduction of tuition/fees.
For any courses beginning after the first week of the term, students have one business day following the first day of the course to drop course(s) without charge.

Summer 2022

April 18th Book Charging Begins
May 16th Summer Begins, First Session
May 20th Last Day to Charge Books
May 20th $300 or 15% Due (Lessor Of)
First Cancellation for Non-Payment
May 27th Financial Aid Available (Tentative)
June 6th Second Summer Session Begins
June 7th $300 or 15% Due (Lessor Of)
Second Cancellation for Non-Payment
June 21st Summer Bills Due in Full
1st Student Summer Account Holds Applied
July 5th Third Summer Session Begins
July 6th $300 or 15% Due (Lessor Of)
Third Cancellation for Non-Payment
Jul 29th Summer Bills w/Registration After June 22nd Due in Full
2nd Student Summer Account Holds Applied on
Remaining Summer Outstanding Balances

NAME/ADDRESS CHANGES:  Make sure you have a local and/or a billing address on file.  You can change your address through the on-line registration page under the “student” tab or by contacting the Records Office.  It is your responsibility to have a correct address on file.  You must contact the Records Office if you are not attending BSU.

FINANCIAL AID:  If you have not received an award letter or have any questions concerning financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office @218-755-2034 or Deputy 114. You will be required to repay a portion of your financial aid if you withdraw or discontinue attending classes before completing 60% of the semester.