Loan Repayment

The application, billing, and payment processing for your student loan will be handled by Heartland Educational Computer Systems, Inc (ECSI).  You have the ability to access your account on the Internet by Heartland ECSI’s website at  Through this site, you will be able to apply once notified, verify when payments have been received, update address and phone information, check on your account balance, obtain loan payoff amounts, or sign up for electronic billing.  You will be given a five-digit security code, which allows only you to access your account information.

For Deferment, Cancellation or Postponement of loans, please contact:

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Financial Collections
Wells Fargo Place
30 7th St. E., Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55101-7804

Tel: 651-201-1500 Email:

Exit Interviews for Federal Perkins Loan

When you graduate, transfer or drop below six credits, federal regulations require an exit interview.

Exit interview directions will be mailed to your permanent address.  You will receive a pin number and the website ( to complete your exit interview.  If an exit interview is not completed for the Federal Perkins Loan there will be holds placed on your financial aid and registration.

For help on this process, students can call the Perkins hotline at: 651-201-1500