Work Request Form

Whether you’re planning an event, printing a brochure or updating your website, the Office of Communications & Marketing can help. Please use this form to share important details about your desired project, which will help guide our efforts to provide the best possible final product. The more detail you can share with us, the easier it will be for us to begin our work, and the better your final results will be.

If you are requesting help with an event or activity that will take place on a certain date, please complete this form four weeks prior to that date. This will give us adequate time to plan the promotional activities surrounding your event and allow members of the public time to make plans to attend.

After we receive your information, the Office of Communications & Marketing will review your request and contact you for a conversation about your project. We’ll review the information you sent to us, ask questions or request other materials we may need and discuss your desired completion date.

The work request form is available below. If the form is not loading in your browser, you can try completing the form at