August 24, 2007
Issue 1 

BSU Logo Usage Guidelines

Bemidji State University has established a set of guidelines

BSU's official Graphic Identity Standards Manual is available on-line in PDF format: [download]

Licensing and Royalties

Bemidji State University has partnered with Licensing Resource Group, Inc., ( to manage its licensing program and monitor the usage of BSU's images, the name Bemidji State University and its related designations (i.e. "BSU" or "BSU Beavers"). LRG will work with offices and vendors to enhance the marketability of products and clothing.

All merchandise containing University images or names, whether for internal use, giveaways or sale, must be produced by a licensed vendor. Designs for merchandise must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Information on the licensing program is available by contacting the Office of Communications and Marketing, or by contacting LRG directly:

Licensing Resource Group
VJS Executive Park
2570 Holiday Road, Ste 250
Coralville, IA 52241
(319) 351-1776

The two most-common questions are:

• Do I have to order my products from a licensed vendor?
The answer is "yes" in all circumstances. Only vendors which have completed a licensing application with LRG and had that license request approved are able to supply merchandise with BSU's logo, athletic mascot icon or word marks. Using non-licensed vendors to supply materials could lead to sanctions imposed against the vendor by LRG and runs the risk of having merchandise produced by unlicensed vendors confiscated.

• Do I have to pay royalties on the items I am ordering?
In most cases, yes. Royalties need to be paid by a vendor on the entirety of a product order if any portion of that order is intended for resale.

Items produced exclusively as giveaways or promotional items are exempt from royalty payments. However, if you have an item you suspect might fall into the category of a giveaway or promotional item, you are asked to contact Andy Bartlett at the Office of Communications and Marketing and make sure the product falls under that category.

If you have questions about the royalty payment status of items you are having licensed vendors supply for you, please contact Andy.

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