January 18, 2007
Issue 6 

Dr. Karl Salscheider, professor of physical education, entertains children from Lincoln Elementary School at the Bemidji Chamber of Commerce in December.

Campus Notes

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Academic Affairs

• The Center for Professional Development will host a reception for the Undergraduate Teaching Associates Program from 4-5 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 30 in the Crying Wolf Room. The reception provides an opportunity to meet with your teaching associates while developing greater understanding for the guidelines of the program. All faculty members are invited to attend.

Administrative Affairs

• no updates this issue.

Student Development and Enrollment

• A retirement celebration for Joe Aitken will be held from 2-4 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at the AIRC.

Mary Ward will be joining Bemidji State University as the director of the Advising Success Center beginning Feb 6. The Advising Success Center is located in Sanford 10.

Human Resources

• Human Resources was awarded a staff development grant of $7,325 by the Office of the Chancellor's staff development unit after submitting a proposal to plan and coordinate supervisory/leadership training on "Engaging Employees."

• Human Resources has launched a new web site:
Many forms required by the HR office are now available for download from the new site. Human Resources welcomes feedback on the new site by calling 3966.

College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Nancy Erickson, dean in the College of Arts and Letters, attended the Modern Languages Association's annual meeting in Chicago, Ill., Dec. 27-30, 2007. Dr. Erickson participated as a delegate member to the association's assembly in addition to attending conference sessions. Elected by the membership to a three-year term in summer 2006, Dr. Erickson will serve until 2009 as a delegate to the association from the Great Lakes Region. The delegate assembly serves as the legislative body for the MLA. Its members discuss issues of broad academic import such as academic freedom as well as considering professional policies and internal management of the Modern Languages Association.

College of Professional Studies

Dr. Sandra Bland, chair and professor of accounting, attended the Annual Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP) Meeting in Washington, D.C., the week of December 11-14, 2007. TAP is a Federal Advisory committee that provides direct taxpayer input to the Internal Revenue Service. Notable speakers at the Meeting were Linda Stiff, Acting Commissioner of the IRS, and Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate.

College of Social and Natural Sciences

• no updates this issue.

School of Integrative Studies

• no updates this issue.

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