March 28, 2008
Issue 10 

Reaccreditation: It's Everybody's Business

President Jon E. Quistgaard

We’re well prepared to begin Bemidji State’s re-accreditation efforts.  New mission and vision statements are in place. Steering and criterion committees are formed.  Plans for the 2009 self-study are underway. And, the campus conversation this week  – as much a celebration of our campus community as an introduction to the re-accreditation process – generated lively discussion and valuable input.
With end-of-the-year pressures mounting, it’s tempting to set aside thoughts of re-accreditation and focus on the demands of our daily workloads.  Perhaps even more enticing are thoughts of leaving the data collection and evidence gathering responsibilities to those already on committees, no matter what time of year it is.

What YOU can do to assist with reaccreditation
• volunteer to serve on a committee or team
• attend HLC campus forums and workshops
• stay informed about the process
• participate in campus surveys
• assist with data collection activities

While such thoughts are tantalizing, they are troublesome.  Re-accreditation is everybody’s business.  Each one of us touches the lives of BSU students. In doing so, each of us helps fulfill the University’s mission and vision.  Re-accreditation, especially the self-study portion, calls upon us to capture and tell the “stories” of our touch points with those we serve.  The mission is the standard bearer used to measure our results.
In the coming weeks and months ahead, I encourage you to think about how we might tell the Bemidji State story as it pertains to the re-accreditation process.  Also, I ask that you begin to identify and record the critical roles you and your colleagues play in that story.  Then stand ready to share your information with the committees gathering, analyzing and verifying information. 
The aim is to demonstrate our commitment to shaping potential and shaping worlds.  We accomplish that commitment through our mission, which challenges us to engage in new worlds of thought, embrace citizenship and educate for a world that is only imagined.
Whether you’re in facilities or finance, health services or career services, academia or administration, your work is part of Bemidji State’s story.  And, chronicling that story is everybody’s business.
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