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Communications Design

Communications Design in the Office of Communications and Marketing handles design services for Bemidji State University. Communications Design provides print design for pamphlets, catalogs, posters and other publications as well as graphic standards compliance and Web design.

As part of the University's licensing and royalties program, Communications Design also monitors and approves all merchandise designs using the University's logo, athletic icon or images of Bucky.

New Bucky Caricature

With help from our licensing partner, LRG,  a new image has been added to BSU's official university marks - a caricature of Bucky the Beaver.  (Take a peek at the Bucky Caricature)

Representing the determination and drive associated with Bemidji State, the trademarked caricature is a great option for posters, birthday cake designs, T-shirts, other clothing products, coffee mugs, tabletops, etc.

The caricature was created last year by alumnus Jon Seykora while he was still a student at BSU and working for the communications and marketing office.  Current student Matt Ewert added the finishing touches and prepared the caricature for reproduction.

A secondary graphic, the Bucky caricature may be used for commercial and non-commercial uses, although it cannot be used for official University business or on academic materials.  Use of the caricature does require advanced approval.  Contact Kathy Berglund at or 218-755-2747 for details.

Kathy Berglund

Communications Designer and Visual Identity Coordinator

Deputy Hall 312
Phone: (218) 755-2041

1500 Birchmont Drive
Bemidji, MN 56601