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Business Cards & Stationery

Via Procurement and Logistics, April 29, 2013:

Due to changes in technology and business practices over the past several years, our stationery spend for business cards, letterhead and envelopes under contract with Arrow Printing has diminished to the point that a competitive process and contract is no longer required nor cost effective to manage.

Arrow Printing has notified us that our pre-printed stationery stock from several years ago is now depleted.  As a result, our current contract pricing is no longer valid and will be removed from our website. 

Effectively immediately, departments will be allowed to purchase business cards, letterhead and envelopes according to specifications from Communications & Marketing and following the same purchasing and quote guidelines as for all other purchases.  You may continue to purchase from Arrow Printing or you may seek price quotes from other printers that can meet the appropriate stationery specifications from Communications & Marketing. 

If you have questions concerning price thresholds, quote requirements, etc., please refer to the Procurement & Logistics website: