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Designed for you

Welcome to the BSU Communication Toolkit, created by the Integrated Marketing Team in collaboration with the Office of Communications & Marketing. Whether you're experienced at creating communication projects or just getting started, this site is for you. It's a one-stop resource, organized for quick access to current information, downloadable content, plus effective tips, techniques, and examples.

Please bookmark this page to use as an essential springboard for any communication project.

By using the information provided at this site, you and others, can help audiences gain a more clear, consistent perception about BSU. This enhances BSU's ability to attract top-notch students, faculty, supporters, and partners, which in turn strengthens our university as a place to learn and work.

At this site you'll find:

  • BSU 101 An important overview of the BSU brand, vision, and mission
  • BSU Attributes & Benefits gives you a deeper understanding of the BSU brand
  • BSU Audiences & Key Messages gives you an essential perspective on your audience(s) and what messages resonate best with each audience
  • BSU Stories provides you with downloadable testimonials, perspectives, and quotes, along with some suggested uses to enhance your communications
  • BSU Quick Facts gathers relevant information that can be easily dropped into your communication
  • A Step-by-Step Guide offering both new and experienced communicators some tips on approaching a communication project, along with walking you through the project process