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What sets BSU apart?

BSU has a unique combination of qualities and strengths that help shape perceptions of BSU as a place and as a brand. The following messages are based on testing conducted by BSU's Integrated Marketing Team. You can help BSU stand out and resonate with your audiences by consistently including, describing, and/or portraying these "attributes and benefits" in your communications. How?

  1. Become familiar with these attributes, understand your key audience(s), and the messages designed to resonate with them.
  2. Make sure every communication supports this brand. From headlines to imagery, facts and statistics to stories and quotes, your entire communication piece should reflect the overall BSU brand and your audience-specific messages.

BSU Attributes & Benefits

You can use the following statements verbatim or as an inspiration for your communication pieces to accurately and consistently convey BSU's attributes and benefits.


BSU students, whether traditional or distance learners, take charge of their learning experience by customizing academic programs that accomplish their ambitions within the structure of a fully accredited public university.


BSU students challenge themselves daily with stellar academics and a dynamic campus life, which prepare them to become leaders through a strong tradition of engagement in student organizations, arts and cultural programs, intercollegiate sports, and recreational activities, along with service to the environment, community, and world.


At BSU, individuals are known by name, not by number. The friendly, one-on-one experience starts in the classroom and extends throughout the physical or virtual campus and into the community.


BSU is for students who thrive in the comfort and ease of hometown living, surrounded by supportive faculty, staff, and neighbors, and who value clear lakes, crisp air, expansive forests, and outdoor recreational opportunities.


BSU delivers an enriching educational experience to students, academically and personally, and forges a positive, lasting relationship with alumni and donors, as well as with the region's industry and residents, who benefit from our cultural and economic energy.


BSU attracts and develops outstanding, hardworking students through student-directed programs in diverse academic and professional fields, and also through numerous personally enriching opportunities to serve the environment, community, and world.