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Submit News

Step 1 - Prepare Content

Do you have an idea for a news story or have information to submit for possible release?

Some typical subjects for news releases might include:

  • Upcoming public events, exhibits or workshops
  • Important staff changes
  • New programs or changes in existing programs
  • Awards, achievements and appointments
  • Research, ongoing or completed
  • Community outreach efforts
  • Exceptional students, faculty and staff
  • Unique programs, skills, achievements, etc.

You can send us story ideas via e-mail, to Andy Bartlett or to You can also send story ideas via intra-campus mail to Deputy Hall #2.

Always include the following in your submissions: 

  • a clear indication of the basic "who, what, where, why and when" information regarding your story idea in the first two paragraphs; 
  • a contact person who can answer questions, including a telephone number and e-mail address; and 
  • some indication whether the material can be released at a later date or needs to be sent out immediately.

If you have events or activities to announce, please try to let us know at least three weeks in advance - this gives us time to prepare the story and have time to meet print deadlines for the media outlets we work with. Shorter timeframes can be dealt with, but could negatively impact the scope of your coverage.

Ready for the next step?

Step 2 - Send the info