Diversity Certificate

A Diversity Certificate will be awarded to any Bemidji States University faculty, staff or administrator who completes 15 hours of diversity-related training or activities.  A minimum of 3 of the 15 hours must be diversity training in an activity requiring deeper reflection and action on the participant.  Examples include taking a diversity course, attending Bemidji Area Truth and Reconciliation events, attending a diversity training (involving reflective activity), taking the Intercultural Development Inventory and working with a consultant as a part of your professional development.  Interested employees are encouraged to talk with their supervisors and make achievement of a certificate part of their professional development plan.

We are asking each individual to track and record all meetings, hours of participation and dates of events in relation to University-sponsored activities and sessions.  All honored activities and sessions will provide you with a signed document from the session facilitator/host.  A diversity certificate will be granted when appropriate and complete documentation is submitted to Campus Diversity Officer, Steven D. Parker.

Groups that would like their event to be considered toward partial completion of the certificate are asked to complete a Diversity Event Tracking Form and send a copy to Travis Greene in advance of the event. Please send to email: steven.parker@bemidjistate.edu.