Guidelines for ERG Leaders

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a leader or co-leader for an employee resource group.  We have a few expectations for leaders.

  1. The leadership term can vary.  Minimally, we are asking that leaders serve for one semester.  Before the current leader’s term expires, we ask that the next leader be identified and communication occurs so that a smooth transition is possible and the group will continue functioning.
  2. Names and contact information for the current leader should be shared with the members of the group and with the Campus Diversity Officer, Deb Peterson (
  3. The leader(s) agree(s) to call the group together at least six times during the academic year (e.g., three times in the fall and three times in the spring) and work to build relationships.
  4. The leader will keep a current list of interested members.
  5. The leader will identify a time and location so that all interested parties can attend.
  6. The leader agrees to share concerns and ideas to the Campus Diversity Officer as they arise.
  7. A small amount of money is available to help get groups started.  Up to $75 can be  requested to help cover the cost of an event.  All university and system policies apply to the use of these funds.
  8. At the end of each semester, the leader will report on that semester’s activities to the Campus Diversity Officer (Deb Peterson) using the reporting template.