Support and Services

In addition to educational programs and activities, various experiential learning opportunities are also provided to campus community to enhance their understanding and knowledge base regarding DEIA+ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-racism, and more) topics.  


  • Understanding Social Aggression 
  • The Effects of Racism 
  • Engaging Equity and Inclusion in Your Field 
  • Diversity is Beautiful 
  • Safe Zone 
  • Assessment Praxis for Higher Education 
  • Critical Racism Theory in Education 

Speaker Requests 




Student Affinity Groups 

Campus Resources 


Community Resources 

  • Becoming an Ally Parts 1 & 2 
  • Building Antiracist Culture in Your Organization 
  • Communication for Inclusion 
  • Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation 
  • Diversity Competent Mentoring 
  • Pt. 1: Developmental Networks 
  • Pt. 2: Relational Mentoring 
  • Pt. 3: Combating Bias as a Mentor 
  • Engagement with Diversity 
  • Pronouns and Safe Spaces [Coming Soon!] 
  • Supporting Students of Color at Predominantly White Institutions