Confidential Support

Who can provide completely confidential support services to victims of sexual violence?

On Campus Resources:

Campus pastoral counselors. A pastoral counselor is a person who is associated with a religious order or denomination, is recognized by that religious order or denomination as someone who provides confidential counseling, and is functioning within the scope of that recognition.  In this context, a pastor or priest who is functioning as an athletic director or as a student advocate would not be exempt from the reporting obligations.

Campus professional counselors. A professional counselors is a person whose official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the institution’s community and who is functioning within the scope of his or her license or certification.  This definition applies even to professional counselors who are not employees of the institution, but are under contract to provide counseling at the institution.  This also includes an individual who is not yet licensed or certified as a counselor, but is acting in that role under the supervision of an individual who is licensed or certified.  An example is a Ph.D. counselor-trainee acting under the supervision of a professional counselor at the institution.   For the college and university, professional counselor are on staff at the Student Center for Health and Counseling .

Off Campus Resources:

Some off-campus reports also may be legally privileged by law, such as reports to clergy, private legal counsel, or health care professionals.

Support Within Reach Sexual Violence Resource Center – Services are available 24 hours a day to women, children, and men who have experienced sexual violence directly or indirectly and prevention education is provided for the community. ( ).

  • Bemidji Office:
    • 218-444-9524 or 800-708-2727
    • 1510 Bemidji Ave., Bemidji, MN 56601
  • Park Rapids Office:
    • 218-237-0300 or 800-708-2727
    • 601 1st Street E, Park Rapids, MN 56470
  • Walker Office:
    • 218-547-4892 or 800-708-2727
    • 609 Minnesota Avenue W, Walker, MN 56484
  • Grand Rapids Office:
    • 218-326-5008 or 1-866-747-5008
    • 1325 NW 4th Street, Grand Rapids, MN 55744
  • Aitkin Office
    • 218-927-6226 or 1-866-747-5008
    • 312 Minnesota Ave., Suite 2009, Aitkin, MN 56431

Sanford Medical Center

  • Bemidji
    • 218-751-5430
    • 1300 Anne Street NW, Bemidji, MN 56601