Bemidji State University
Environmental Advisory Committee
Membership, 2014-2015

David Bahr (IFO, At Large)

Erika Bailey-Johnson, (Sustainability Coordinator)

Tim Brockman (IFO, At Large)

Brian Brown (Student, At Large)

Dana Danielson (Procurement and Logistics)

Nina Johnson (Hobson Memorial Union)

Lesa Lawrence (MSUAASF)

Rich Marsolek (EHS Coordinator)

Alexandra Miller (Students for the Environment)

Sue Rickers (IFO, CHSHE, interim for Laurie Desiderato, who’s on sabbatical)

Jeff Sande (Physical Plant)

Trevor Smith (Students for the Environment)

Dave Souba/Jennifer Miner (Food Service)

Jill Stackhouse (IFO, CAS)

Jon Utley (AFSCME Council 5)

Skyler Vold (Student at Large)

Dan Vosberg (Student, SFE)

Open Seat (IFO, CBTC)

Open Seat (MAPE)

Open Seat (Middle Management)

Open Seat (Residential Life)

Open Seat (Student, At Large)