Pollution Prevention Reports

Executive Order 91-17 established a requirement for all departments and agencies of the State of Minnesota to promote policy and cultural reform to give priority to preventing pollution at its source of generation. Since the original executive order was signed, subsequent governors reissued the order, the latest being Executive Order 99-4. Under the order, State agencies were required to prepare an annual report summarizing their progress in preventing pollution. The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance (OEA) consolidated all of the agencies’ reports into a single Pollution Prevention Summary Report. Environmental Health & Safety prepared and submitted Bemidji State University’s annual pollution prevention report.

Since the last order was issued, many state agencies pointed out that there were overlapping requirements for activities in several environmentally focused Executive Orders and statutes, that the intended outcomes were not always being achieved, and that there were overly burdensome reporting requirements. As a result, the requirement to submit Pollution Prevention Reports was suspended after 2009. The OEA has since been absorbed into the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Beginning in 2010, an agency sustainability report is submitted by MnSCU, based on information submitted to MnSCU by its member colleges and universities,

A copy of the information compiled for MnSCU schools in 2010 can be accessed by selecting the following link: Sustainability 2010

A copy of BSU’s Pollution Prevention Reports submitted for the last several years can be downloaded from the list below. Earlier reports are available from EHS.

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Pollution Prevention Reports