Owner Move-out

An architectural rendering of the proposed Hagg-Sauer hall.

Moving Procedures

Bemidji State Facilities will provide: 

  1. Boxes for packing
  2. Labels for packing – everything must have a label
  3. Docu-shred containers
  4. Disposal area
  5. Unconditional storage space for packed boxes

Owners (moving faculty and staff members) are responsible for: 

  1. Packing their boxes
  2. The safety of all personal items
  3. Packing materials from designated classrooms (this does not include technology or furniture)
  4. Labeling all laptops computers, desktop computers, monitors, phones and docking stations.


All faculty and staff who are moving will be provided with new state-of-the art office furniture.

New Furniture in offices include:

  • Desk or Specialized Desk
    • If you have a specialized desk would like it moved to your new office, label it and it will be moved
    • If you want a specialized desk, it will need to come from your department/program budget
    • If you need a specialized desk, one will be provided
  • Desk Chair & Guest Chair (chair selection TBA)
  • File Cabinet

BSU will dispose of all furniture left behind according to the state guidelines for disposing of state’s assets.

Hagg Sauer & Campus Renovation Questions

Your input is valued throughout this process. If you have questions regarding the renovation projects, please submit them here to Karen Snorek, Bemidji State’s Vice President for Finance and Administration. All questions will be reviewed and answered weekly.