Terra General Contractor Issued Drawings for Bid

Our construction management Terra General Contractor has issued the drawings for the official bid on Wednesday November 21st for the Hagg Sauer Renovation and Construction project.  The bid information was made public on Quest CDN and by Terra General.  Pre-qualified subcontractors that are interested in this project will be on site November 28th for a pre-bid walk through.  Subcontractors bids are due on December 20th.

Furniture vendor selected for Hagg-Sauer Hall project

During October and November, Travis Barnes and Karen Snorek have been visiting with programs that will be affected by upcoming building renovations and demolition of Hagg-Sauer Hall. Programs have had the opportunity to review their future location floor plan, select offices and make minor changes.

BSU has selected KI Furniture Consultant as as our furniture vendor. They are expected to visit campus shortly and will provide guidance as to the type and amount of furnishings that can fit into various office and classroom sizes.

Overall construction bids will be opened on Dec. 20. The project is slated to begin in January and construction should be visible by the end of February. The project remains on track to see the majority of remodeling done by July 2019, allowing time to unpack and organize in August. Hagg-Sauer Hall is on schedule for demolition to begin shortly after the 4th of July holiday in 2019, with construction completed by Fall 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has begun work on the upcoming office relocations by assembling packing boxes or started to pack or purge items from their offices.