Seizing an Opportunity

Demolition and replacement of 48-year-old Hagg-Sauer Hall presents Bemidji State University with a rare opportunity to achieve major gains on multiple fronts through a single project. Construction of a smaller, modern Hagg-Sauer Academic Learning Center and strategic improvements to redistribute faculty offices in four campus buildings will transform the student experience, avoid costly maintenance, reduce energy costs and give Bemidji State a newly energized and more efficient campus. The $22.5 million that BSU is seeking for this vital project will yield enduring dividends for the university and its students.

Project Objectives

Renovation and renewal of Hagg-Sauer Hall and four other campus buildings will directly support BSU’s mission to “create an innovative, interdisciplinary and highly accessible learning environment committed to student success and a sustainable future for our communities, state and planet. Read more.

Campus-wide Improvements

In addition to the demolition and reconstruction of Hagg-Sauer Hall, renovations are also slated for the Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex, Bensen and Sattgast halls and the A.C. Clark Library. Read more. 

Project Timeline

Renovations are strategically scheduled for each are of campus that is affected. View the timeline here. 

Moving Out

If you are a faculty or staff member who is directly affected by the renovation projects, campus facilities has provided clear and specific instructions to help ease your transition. Read more. 

Ask a Question

Your input is valued throughout this process. If you have questions regarding the renovation projects, please submit them here to Karen Snorek, Bemidji State’s Vice President for Finance and Administration. All questions will be reviewed and answered weekly.