Campus-Wide Improvements

The proposed academic learning center includes 10 state-of-the-art teaching spaces on two floors designed to accommodate a variety of course types and learning styles. Classrooms will range in size from 40 to 132 seats, and the building also will include an auditorium that can accommodate lecture classes with as many as 320 students.

The project also will feature native plant landscaping to reduce water usage and better manage drainage as part of the university’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the preservation of Lake Bemidji. The building is being designed to maximize energy efficiency and to emphasize natural lighting. An all-glass eastern wall will overlook Lake Bemidji, and the building’s smaller footprint will create a newly unobstructed view of the lake from the heart of campus.

Renovations are also slated for the Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex, Bensen and Sattgast halls and the A.C. Clark Library. Those planned renovations include:

  • Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex: Upgrade the acoustical performance of music practice labs and band room. Renovate and renew faculty and department offices, workrooms, conference rooms, a study room and a music ensemble room. Convert Black Box Theater to multi-purpose space. Upgrade Technology infrastructure.

Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex renovation floor plans

  • Bensen Hall: Renovate and renew entire Professional Education faculty area. Create renovated space for relocation of Psychology and Social Work departments, including faculty offices, lab space, work room and student lounge. Construct a new conference room and student work area.

Bensen Hall renovation floor plans

  • Sattgast Hall: Renovate and renew faculty office suites. Renovate for relocation the Math Library, Mathematics/GIS Computer Lab, Geography Cartography Lab and Geography Planning Lab. Upgrade technology infrastructure.

Sattgast Hall renovation floor plans

  • A.C. Clark Library: Provide an enhanced library experience for students and faculty through improved access to updated library services and relocation of student support services to the main reference level. Renovate and renew Geography Map Library, classroom space and computer lab. Update reference area and establish Tutoring Center.

A.C. Clark Library renovation floor plans